Welcome To Hardy Learning!

Hardy Learning is a part of the Hardy Brain Training programs.

Hardy Learning Programs quickly improve reading, spelling, math, and processing speed using movement tools like dance mats and balls in combination with custom on-line lessons to help struggling, average, and gifted students make academic progress quickly.

Hardy Learning lessons combine visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and cognitive components creating a ‘learning workout’ that keeps kids engaged as they move and learn. 

Wordquest Reading & Spelling

See a powerful change in reading and spelling skills using our fun, full-body dance program: Wordquest. For grades 1-6.

Wordquest develops reading, spelling, and processing ability with dance steps, movement, and custom on-line reading lessons that teach the sight words and word patterns that all students must know ‘by heart’ to be successful readers and spellers.

Each reading/spelling lesson lasts about 25 minutes
Each lesson ends with a quiz to document understanding
Five lessons can be done each week

To use the program you will need:
–Wifi access
–A computer or tablet