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Helping struggling students takes more than just tutoring

To be successful, kids need good confidence so they’re willing to try, even when it takes effort.

They need to master the academic subjects like Reading, Spelling, Math and Writing and be able to apply thinking skills like logic and reasoning for History, Science, Literature.

They need XYZ skills” something like organization, ability to express ideas, ability to write ideas.

To be able to develop XYZ skills they first need to build a strong foundation of all the processing skills because if some of the processing skills are weak

This makes learning at school harder and homework difficult

Step 1


A complete assessment measures processing skills & confidence

Step 2


We create a plan to start addressing the processing and learning skills

Step 3

Building Foundation Skills

A complete assessment measures processing skills & confidence

Step 4

Get Up to Speed Academically

A complete assessment measures processing skills & confidence

Our goal is to help your child from ever needing additional help again.

Developing processing and learning skills so that your child can learn easily when the information is taught and won’t need IEP’s, tutoring and nightly homework battles to be
successful anymore.

If your wondering if we can help your child, you can start with this questionnaire.

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