In-Depth Learning Blueprint

In-Depth Learning Blueprint Helps Students at All Levels

Successful learning requires a series of tools because specific skills are required for success at different developmental levels. These skills are developed over time and stack like blocks with early skills providing support for new skills to be added as a child matures.

When there are gaps, it becomes difficult to add new skills because the foundation is weak and cannot fully support the addition of new skills.

Children will try to compensate for the missing skill areas and often intelligent children are able to ‘try harder’ to make up for weak processing and learning skills…until the academic load gets too heavy. When children are not able to handle the information they need to organize in order to learn, frustration develops.

Your child may need to work longer and harder just to keep up in class and their opportunity to excel diminishes. They are not able to use their intelligence for learning because their mental effort is needed to compensate for processing skill gaps that make learning more difficult.

Once processing and learning skills are strong, your child can advance to grade level and beyond.

Hardy In-Depth Learning Blueprint serves as a guide for skill development. We begin with an assessment to pinpoint the weaknesses that interfere with learning at grade level. A ‘blueprint’ plan is created to address academic weaknesses while working to fill the gaps in underlying processing and learning skills. This helps build confidence and create forward momentum as your child takes steps toward success.

If your wondering if we can help your child, you can start with this questionnaire.

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