Parent Empowerment Toolkit

Hardy Learning Parent Empowerment Toolkit teaches parents how to work with their children to overcome the frustration and challenges they have experienced from falling behind in school and sets them on a new path toward success.

Improved attention, learning, and confidence can make a world of difference for your relationship with your child. Children that struggle in school know something is ‘wrong’ but feel no one can help – or else they would.

Concerned parents feel the same way. They are often puzzled by why their child forgets two simple directions, needs to be reminded to look at them when they are talking, can’t get ready for school independently, takes an hour to do a 10 minute assignment,, and other ‘easy’ tasks that children the same age are able to do without difficulty.

The frustrations that students and parents experience together can seem overwhelming. Parents can feel ‘torn’ between having a pleasant evening with their child and getting homework finished. After trying to find help for their child, they too wonder why no one has been able to give them answers that make a difference.

Hardy Learning Parent Empowerment Toolkit explains the reasons behind their child’s behaviors and how these behaviors are the child’s solution to overcoming gaps in the skills they need for learning.

The Empowerment Toolkit also helps parents understand which skills are needed and how to help their child develop those missing skills so they can take steps to becoming successful learners.

An assessment guides the development of a ‘blueprint’ plan for strengthening gaps in processing skills, learning skills, and academic fundamentals to help students reach grade level.

Parents work at home with their child and develop a supporting relationship while showing their child how to learn more easily. Parents are welcome to have a teenage or college student, family member, or friend help their child under our guidance when extra help is needed to reach the goals the family has set.

We are here to help you discover WHY your child has been struggling to learn and to provide solutions that correct the causes of the difficulties while helping your child learn more easily, develop self-confidence, and maximize their learning potential.

If your wondering if we can help your child, you can start with this questionnaire.

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