Perceptual / Cognitive / Executive Functioning Toolkit

Perceptual, Cognitive, and Executive Functioning Skills are Part of Processing Skills Development

Perceptual, cognitive, and executive functioning skills are important to processing because they help students take in, organize, process, and store all of the information required for learning.

The strength of each system in the perceptual, cognitive, and executive skills domains affects how well information is processed in specific pathways in the brain.

Interconnection and coordination among the different systems affects how quickly and thoroughly information is combined as learning occurs.

Taken together, these systems impact the ability to receive, organize, process, and use the knowledge obtained in the learning process.

Hardy Perceptual/Cognitive/Executive Skills are an important part of the Processing Skills Toolkit because they help the brain sustain attention, take in information, organize, process, and plan. Skill gaps that affect these important areas of development can cause your child to be disorganized, lose focus, seem forgetful, and have difficulty starting and following through on assignments. Strengthening these skills can give your child the tools to learn more successfully.

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