Processing / Learning Skills Toolkit

Forty-four Processing Skills are the Foundation for All Learning

Processing skills develop from the time a child is born until the frontal lobe finishes it’s development sometime between the ages of 17 and 23. As different skills emerge at different ages and stages of development, they build the foundation for successful learning. 

Partially developed processing skills cause gaps that affect the foundation needed for learning.

The Hardy Processing Skills Toolkit trainings vary depending on the age and stage of your child because different skills develop at different ages and stages. Each plan we develop is specifically tailored to meet your child’s individual needs.

Although different skills emerge at different ages, gaps in five key areas often interfere, causing on-going learning difficulties.

You may already have reports, IEPs, or testing to share with some of this information:

Vision, Auditory & Spatial Processing Skills

Sensory/Motor Processing Skills

Perceptual/Cognitive/Executive Processing Skills

Brain Speed/Timing/Organization Skills

Integration and Specialization Skills

The Hardy Processing Toolkit provides programs, resources, and recommendations to strengthen processing gaps that interfere with your child’s ability to develop the learning skills for paying attention, thinking, and remembering information that are required for learning academics successfully in the classroom. 

The Formula for successful learning looks like this:

(PS + LS + AS)C = success

Processing Skills + Learning Skills + Academic Skills X Confidence = success

If your wondering if we can help your child, you can start with this questionnaire.

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