Let's Get Started

Wordquest is an adventure fairy tale that combines choreographed hand and foot movements with computerized reading lessons. The program achieves significant growth in reading, spelling, and processing speed.

Step 1: Logging In

BE SURE TO WRITE DOWN YOUR CHILD’S LOG-IN USER NAME AND PASSWORD. We do not keep a record of your child’s name and use only the user name and password to identify your child so it is important that you remember how to log in.

Step 2: Determining Your Child’s Reading Level

A pre-test will appear on the screen.
The pre-test has two parts.
In Part 1 your child will use the computer mouse to make lines between words that are presented on the computer screen.
In Part 2 your child will hear a word by clicking on the blue “Play Button”. Then your child will click on the letters on the screen (or type them on the keyboard) to spell the word they hear.

After completing the pre-test, your child will be placed in a Wordquest level and begin the training. 

Step 3: Starting Wordquest

Five lessons can be completed each week.
Each day a new lesson will be presented that teaches fifteen words.
There are 10 levels in the program. Each level has 7 lessons.
Each level takes readers to new “magical land” with a riddle to solve.
Each of the 7 lessons in each level introduce a new character in the land that gives clues about the history of that land. In lesson 6 your child will be asked to figure out the animals that lived in the land in the past. In lesson 7 one of the animals from the past will be introduced.

To do each lesson, your child will be standing in front of the computer screen and remain standing through the entire lesson until it is time to take the quiz.

It is important that your child has room to move both hands and feet during the lesson and that your child says each letter and word out loud as they are presented on the screen. The words and letters are presented three times: The first time they are presented slowly with the narrator saying them. The second time they are presented a little faster with the narrator saying them. And the third time they are presented faster without the narrator’s voice so you should hear just your child saying them independently.

Arrows will appear on the screen showing how to move feet during the lesson and directions will appear on the screen for how to move hands. As your child says each letter or word, it is important to be moving hands or feet simultaneously.

It is important to do all of the movements during the lesson. If your child gets tired part way through the lesson, pause the video for a rest time then resume the lesson when your child is rested.

Here is a sample lesson to show you the movements used during a Wordquest lesson at Boys and Girls Clubs of Oxnard and Port Hueneme:

If you have a “Dance Dance Revolution” Dance mat your child can use it with the program. Otherwise, have your child follow the movements without a mat.

After the letters and words have all been presented, a short story will appear using the new words from the lesson. Your child should read this out loud. The story will remain on the screen for 5 minutes giving enough time to read the story without rushing.

After the story, your child will take a quiz on each of the words to determine how well they were learned. We reward hard work so a “Star of Excellence” is earned on your child’s scoreboard with a score of 100% on the quiz. If any words are spelled incorrectly, your child has the opportunity to retake the test on those words to earn 100%

After the entire lesson is complete, check the scoreboard at the top of the screen.
You will see that your child earned a “Ribbon of Readiness” for starting the lesson. A “Feather of Effort” is earned when a lesson is completed. A “Star of Excellence” is earned for achieving 100% correct on the daily quiz for each lesson.